This homepage exists for two purposes one is to entertain the other is to provoke thought. While some of this may appear contradictory, ie. thought provoking arguements, and leave your brain at the door humor, i believe that such humor is necessary from time to time, just as intelligent thoughts are necessary.

This page contains some stuff which in my opinoin is agmost the best stuff i have ever read, and other stuff is just medicore, i guess what i`m trying to say, is that these pages should not be looked upon as a Picasso, where you ponder the meaning of every brush stroke. Some of this stuff will appeal to you more than other things, different strokes for different folks. (sounds like an eighties sitcom, but still rings true.).

For those of you who cant be bothered with reading or thinking lots at the mo, no probs i have divided the two sections up, so you can visit what i would call the cool stuff, or you can visit what i would call the independant thoughts, that i have collected. I hope you will visit and enjoy both, but hey, i`m just glad your here