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Amiga Technical References

Battery Problems

Battery (BT176) is "furry." Batteries can actually leak and destroy part of the motherboard, so replacement of corroded batteries is advised. In the USA, Dalco's 3.6V 3-pin battery, part #46875, is an almost-identical part: the pins and size are identical, but it is rated for 60 mAh rather than the A4000 stock battery's 40 mAh. In Germany and New Zealand, Varta's 3.6V 3-pin battery rated at 70mAh will do the job.

Later A4000s have a different type of battery, a flat "coin" cell.  These later "cost reduced" A4000 models also have an external battery connector at the front left of the motherboard, which should take a 3.6V replacement battery with a wired connector. Correct operation would probably require removal of the original motherboard battery.  The connector:

1   +-----   -
2   +-----   NC
3   +        key
4   +-----   +

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