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Amiga Technical References

-5V Power Problems

Problems with large hard disk transfers, discolored Toaster output (pink or magenta display of white areas), system crashes, or Emplant diagnostic failures. (See Emplant Reference.) Solution: U198 7905 -5V regulator is probably bad. Replace with new 7905 1-amp -5V regulator (see Sources).

To locate U198, look near the bottom expansion slot at the back of the machine.

The easiest way to replace this component may be to clip off the leads close to the body of the defective part, then trim the leads on the replacement and solder it to the old pins.

                                       New 7905 regulator
                            Solder        (side view)
                             here              |
Old leads on motherboard        \              |
                       \         \
                        \                  --------
                                   -------|        |---
                            XXXXXXXXX      --------

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