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SupraRAM 2000

The SupraRAM 2000 can be installed with either 2, 4, 6 or 8 megabytes of RAM in 1 megabit by 1 DRAM packages 100ns or faster. You need 16 chips for every 2 megabytes.

The first 2 megabytes of RAM must be in the row of sockets labelled U10.
The second 2 megabytes of RAM must be in the row labelled U20.
The third in U30.
The fourth in U40.

RAM Block Jumper settings:

2 Meg 4 Meg 6 Meg 8 Meg

T position sets board up for TEST mode. Can be used with SupraRAM software to test the chips on the board. The R position is for regular use.
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