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Amiga Technical References

Commodore A2091 SCSI Interface

Technical Specifications

A2091 Hard Disk Interface Card
Jumper Settings: Jumper 1: Memory Size 2 Meg 1 Meg 512k 0 k Jumper 2: Auto: Enables Autoboot ROMs Kickstart 1.3 or higher Dis: Disables Autoboot ROMs Kickstart 1.2 Jumper 3: Factory Use Only Will set interupts (this is not a toy) Jumper 5: Option 1: OFF LUN Disabled - One drive at each address ON LUN Enabled - Multiple drives at each address Option 2: OFF Time-out disabled - Short wait period for drive parity checking enabled ON Time-out enabled - Long wait period for drive Parity checking disabled on message-in phase Option 4: Reserved Jumper 201: Factory Use Only
25-pin External SCSI Connector
50-pin Internal SCSI Connector
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