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Amiga Parallel Port

Please note: The Amiga 1000 parallel port is a DB25 male gender AND it also has +5V on pin 23. Connecting +5V to ground accidentally would be a very bad thing to do. Take caution.
PIN A1000 A500/2000/3000/4000 Description
1 DRDY* STROBE__ Strobe
2 D0 D0 Data Bit 0 (LSB)
3 D1 D1 Data Bit 1
4 D2 D2 Data Bit 2
5 D3 D3 Data Bit 3
6 D4 D4 Data Bit 4
7 D5 D5 Data Bit 5
8 D6 D6 Data Bit 6
9 D7 D7 Data Bit 7
10 ACK__ ACK__ Acknowledge
12 POUT POUT Paper Out
13 SEL SEL Select
14 Ground +5V PULLUP +5VDC 10mA
15 Ground not used not used
16 Ground RESET___ Reset
17 GND GND Ground
18 GND GND Ground
19 GND GND Ground
20 GND GND Ground
21 GND GND Ground
22 GND GND Ground
23 +5V GND Ground
24 NC GND Ground
25 Reset GND Ground

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