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Amiga Technical References

Amiga 4000 Desktop Technical Information

 3.0   ROM's came with all Amiga 4000 desktops.
 3.1   This is available as an upgrade

 ROM chips are a pair of 40 pin DIPs.

 68030 at 25MHz
 68040 at 25MHz

 optional 68882 with 030
 68040 built in FPU

 Buster - SuperBuster -07, -09 and -11
 Ramsey - Ramsey -04 and -07
 Fat Gary

 CHIP RAM Uses 1 72-pin SIMM either 1 meg of 2 meg in size.
 FAST RAM uses up to four 1 meg 72-pin SIMMs.
 FAST RAM uses up to four 4 meg 72-pin SIMMS.
 FAST RAM uses up to two 8 meg 72-pin SIMMS (on most motherboards)
 Not to exceed more than 16 megabytes of FAST RAM. You cannot mix
 1, 4 and 8 meg SIMMs together, must be all 1's, all 4's or all 8's.

 15KHz Video
 External Disk drive
 Parallel Port
 External SCSI Connector
 Serial Port
 Mouse/Joystick ports
 5-pin DIN Keyboard Port
 Left and Right RCA Audio

 1  Video Slot In line with ZorroIII slot
 1  xxx pin CPU slot
 4  ZorroII/III 16/32-bit Expansion slots
 2  16-bit ISA slots (for use with BridgeBoard Devices) inline with ZorroIII slots

 REV A, brown board, avoid using as it didn't work with Toasters properly
 REV B, green board, 95% of the motherboards out there are this type
 REV C, green board, rare, has 030 and chip ram surface mounted onto motherboard
 68030 version shipped with a Commodore 3630 030 card in the CPU SLOT
 68040 version shipped with a Commodore 3640 040 card in the CPU SLOT

Amiga 4000 Jumper Settings

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