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These devices are designed to be held in your hand yet have the power to do more than a desktop machine of just a few years ago. They are all battery powered, and some have mains adapters. The main limitation is their small screens. The can readily talk to other computers via the USB port, while others also have Infrared and/or WiFi capability, while others even work as GSM phones as well. Most have no hard drives, but they can be added via an expansion slot as can additional memory. The future of PDAs has not yet been defined,  but the addition of bluetooth and WiFi enables them to communicate as well as normal computers or even via the cellular network and do things that up until now have only been dreams. Next to notebooks and tablets, this will be the next area of growth and quantum leaps in capability, and why Amiga Inc are so keen to target this market.

Acer n30 Series
Blackberry Mobile phone organisor
Casio Personal Data Managers
Handspring Tréo series
Hewlett Packard iPAQ series including a mobile phone version
Nokia Communicator 9210 (and it is a mobile phone as well!)
Palm LifeDrive Theme
Sharp Electronic Organisors


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