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AmigaOne - Peripherals - SiI for Serial ATA

Installation of the SiI0680 card

The instructions for installing the SiI0680 card are similar to any other card, i.e.

  1. Switch off your AmigaOne but leave the mains cable connected.
    (This means that the chassis remains grounded.)

  2. Remove any external devices connected to it (such as hubs, modems, monitors, routers etc).

  3. Remove the side of the case to give access to the motherboard.

  4. Ideally use an anti-static wrist band or discharge yourself through the chassis of the computer before handling any of the cards.

  5. Identify the PCI slot where the card is to be fitted, which must be either J8, J9 or J10.
    It will not work in J11 which is the PCI-1 slot directly under the AGP slot.
    Slot J9 (the top slot of the other three) is probably the preferred slot because the 80 wire cables may not be long enough to reach J10 or J8. Remove the slot bracket and save the bracket screw for later use.

  6. Align the card with respect to the socket and insert it into the slot firmly and evenly. Take care not to force it into the slot, otherwise you may dislodge one of the other cards. Once it is properly positioned fasten it into the case with the bracket screw from above.

  7. The 80 wire ribbon cables will have a 40 pin IDE connector at each end, one coloured blue that connects to the IDE socket on the SiI0680 card, and the other coloured black that connects to the Master drive. There should also be another connector coloured grey partway along its length that connects to the Slave drive; if you only have one drive then leave this connector empty - the primary connector MUST be used first. (If your connector colours are different, look carefully and you will see that the third connector is closer to one end than the other; it is the connector furthest from the other connectors that is connected to the card.)

  8. Check the installation notes that came with the SiI0680 card to identify which connector on the card is the primary port and which is the secondary port.
    - On the ST Lab card, the primary channel is the red connector, and the secondary channel is the blue connector.
    - On the XSonic card, the primary channel is the blue connector, and the secondary channel is the white connector.

  9. If required, repeat the process for the second 80 wire ribbon cable connecting it to the second IDE socket on the card, corresponding to secondary master and secondary slave.

  10. It is often a good idea at this point to gently push on any other cards to make sure they haven't been dislodged when installing the SiI0680 card and cables. Also make sure that the new cables are not touching or blocking any of the fans otherwise you may have overheating problems.

  11. Close the computer case and reconnect any external devices that you removed previously.
You are now ready to power up the AmigaOne and begin configuration.

Disclaimer: Amiga Auckland have prepared the above information for the use of its members based on our experiences and as such is subject to revision at any time. Amiga Auckland cannot guarantee any of the information and cannot be held accountable for any issues that may result from using it.

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Revised: December 05, 2005.