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2006? - The Amy 05

Technical Specifications:
Form Factor mini ITX (170x170)
CPU 750Fx (G3)
CPU speed not specified
CPU upgradable No
CPU socket No
CPU cooling Active (fan) - Temp controlled
FSB 133MHz
Memory slots 2 x DIMM
Memory type SDRAM
Memory specification Registered 133
Max memory 1GB
Memory onboard Flash Memories
Northbridge Tundra Tsi-107
Southbridge N/A
PCI 33 MHz 2 Slots
PCI 66MHz 0 Slots
Graphics onboard none
Graphics outputs N/A
Audio onboard CMI8738 6 channel 5.1 surround
sound with CDROM, front audio
on headers
AGP slots 0
AGP speed n/a
IDE controller SiL0680 ATA-133
IDE headers 2 * 40 way
I/O expansion none
Firewire IEEE1394 none
Ethernet chip RTL8110 GB/100/10
USB mode 2.0
USB ports 3 back plate + 2 headers
PS2 ports none
Serial ports none
Parallel port none
IRDA port none
Firmware PPCBoot + OS4 enabler
O/S capability LinuxPPC + OS4

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This motherboard was built by Amiga users specifically for OS4, and the concept was to produce a simpler board, with fewer connectors and dependencies, that utilised USB for all I/O connections, as a new lower cost small footprint Power PC alternative to the A1-Micro. With no onboard graphics, 1 PCI slot is required for a graphics card, although a riser card is under investigation to provide more slots.

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