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2002 - The AmigaOne XE G3

Technical Specifications:
Form Factor Std ATX (305x244)
CPU speed 800MHz
CPU upgradable Yes
CPU socket Yes (A1 Megaarray)
CPU cooling Active (fan)
FSB 133MHz
Memory slots 2 x DIMM
Memory type SDRAM
Memory specification Registered 133
Memory maximum 2GB
Memory onboard 0
Northbridge Articia 'S' with fix
Southbridge VIA 82C686B
PCI 33 MHz 4 Slots
PCI 66MHz 1 Slot
Graphics onboard none
Graphics output n/a
Audio onboard AC-97 (only on early boards)
AGP slots 1
AGP speed 2x
IDE controller VIA 686B ATA100
IDE headers 2 x 40 way
I/O expansion none
Firewire IEEE1394 none
Ethernet chip 3COM 820C 10/100
USB mode 1.1
USB ports 2 back plate+2 headers
PS2 ports Keyboard + mouse
Serial ports 2 x 16650 equiv.
Parallel port 1 x EPP/ECP
IRDA port On header
Firmware PPCBoot + OS4 enabler
O/S capability LinuxPPC + OS4

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The 700MHz 750CX G3-based AmigaOne XE-G3 was originally planned as a cheaper followup to the XE-G4, but a shortage of the G4 chips meant many A1 buyers opted for these instead of waiting for the G4 chips. As it turned out, they were supplied with the faster 800Mhz 750FX G3 CPU instead, and while these boards were supplied with AC-97 codec onboard, it gave problems when activated and the sound quality was poor, so it was recommended that a separate sound card be installed. Later versions of the board did not even have the chip fitted. Then in October 2005, Steven Brookes discovered that it could be made to work after all, so Davy Wentzler created an AHI driver for it and the sound quality was on par with the SoundBlaster Live card.

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