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Installing AmigaOS 4.0 and Linux on different hard drives Installing AmigaOS 4.0 and Linux on the same hard drive
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AmigaOne - Dual Booting from the Same Hard Drive

Post Installation
  1. Switch on. Allow the U-Boot startup screens to timeout as usual until the SLB Menu appears. From this menu you must select "Linux" and press <Enter>.

  2. Your system should reboot directly into "X windows" with a graphical log-in prompt. Log-in as "root" and KDE should load.

  3. The KDE Desktop Settings Wizard can help you setup the KDE environment.
    • It will then ask you to choose you country and language. You'll will find New Zealand under "Asia & Oceania". The language can be left to default. Click on Next.
    • Next you must select System Behaviour - we recommend leaving it to default to KDE. Click on Next.
    • Eyecandy-O-Meter can be set to Fast to get more effects. Click on Next
    • Desktop Themes are your choice of KDE, Platinum, Redmond and Sunshine. Click on Next.
    • Instructions on how to change the settings just made. Click on Finish.

  4. Our recommendation is that now you install Debian Sarge and after that enhance your system by installing some the available Debian Packages.

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