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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Miscellaneous

Managing your Internet connections

All aspects of configuring and using Internet connections are managed from the Internet drawer located on the Workbench disk (SYS:). It contains a number of icons for managing your Internet connections, namely New Connection, Edit Connection, and Open Connection, as well as a number of folders, namely Connections, Action Logs, Connection Logs, Reports and Templates.

New Connection
When you click on the "New Connection" icon you are presented with this window:

You must first select the type of connection that you want to create:
  • Serial - click this if you are configuring an serial external modem that is connected to a non-DSL telephone line.

  • Ethernet - click this if you are connecting to an ADSL or DSL connection via a Local Area Network (LAN) using an ethernet router or switch.

  • Router - click this if you are connecting to an ADSL or DSL connection via ADSL or DSL Router/modem without PPP dialup.
Because there are numerous differences between each connection method, click on the links above for details on each method.

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