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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Commands

XAD2LHA Workbench
Purpose: To extract data from other archives and stores it in an lha archive.
Format: XAD2LHA <source archive> [<destination archive>] [PASSWORD <password>] [NE | NOEXTERN] [QUIET] [HEADER0]
XAD2LHA enables you to extract data from other archives and stores it in an lha archive. XAD2LHA transfers all additional information, such as UNIX owner stuff and protection bits.

FROM specifies the source archive to extract from (no patterns allowed).

TO is the name of destination lha file. If not specified, the source archive extensions are stripped and .lha is added.

The PASSWORD option can be used to supply a password for encrypted archives.

The NOEXTERN option prohibits the use of external clients for recognition purposes.

The HEADER0 option specify to use header level 0. This header is older and does not have special information.

The QUIET option makes the program really silent.

XAD2LHA normally creates files using header level 2. Uncompressable files are stored using -lh0-, all the others use -lh5- identifier. Directories use -lhd- identifier. The OS-ID is set to 'A', which is used by other Amiga lha programs. The following header information is included:

0x00 CRC
0x01 file name
0x02 directory name
0x50 UNIX protection bits
0x51 UNIX owner ID's
0x52 UNIX group name
0x53 UNIX user name
0x54 UNIX date

0x71 comment
except it is an directory
except the file name has no directory part
if there are group or other bits
only if user or group ID is not zero
if exists
if exists
always, except if source archive had no date (no UTC correction, but local time)
if exists
When the HEADER0 option is used, then directories are stored using -lh0- and a slash at name end. Comments are included in file name field and are seperated by a zero byte. Additionally header information is not supported with that format.

Standard protection bits and time stamp are always included in both headers.

Example 1:

3.OS4:> XAD2LHA archive.tar creates a archive called 'archive.lha' from the tar archive.

Example 2:

3.OS4:> XAD2LHA archive.lha archive2.lha recreates the lha archive.

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