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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Commands

CAUTION : Whilst WBCTRL 1.8 appears to work for some of the options, LP or LOCKPENS, and Q or QUERY will cause the system to freeze necessitating a reboot, and may also corrupt other Workbench values, such as the background image specification for the Workbench. We advise caution using this program at this time.
Purpose: To manipulate various features of the Workbench from a Shell.
WBCTRL allows you to manipulate various features of the Workbench. WBCTRL can only be started from a Shell, using the following options:

MCM=<numbytes> or MAXCOPYMEM=<numbytes> sets the maximum number of bytes the file copy code will use. Some SCSI controllers (don't ask which) are not able to transfer more 32k at once, and because of this the default setting is 65536 bytes (two buffers, each 32k).

IMT or IMAGEMEMTYPE when set to FAST or ANY, Workbench and icon.lib will use fastram for imagedata. Use CHIP for chipram. It's safe to use this option without p96/cgx as WBCtrl will check for an RTG system / fblit before actually performing the change. If you use fblit by Stephen Brookes, you should use ICONFAST instead of FAST to avoid problems with workbench.library. Last but not least WBFAST tells Workbench to use fastram for imagedata and resets icon.library to use chipram.

The DN or DRAWERNOTIFICATION option enables/disables drawer notification. If enabled, Workbench will be notified of changes in every 'Show all files' mode drawer. Every time a notification arrives, Workbench will re-read the drawer. This can obviously have an impact on disk activity.

The G or GAUGE option enables/disables the Workbench volume fill gauges on disk windows. Any open volume/root drawer window will not be updated automatically unless you also use the R or REFRESH option. You must close and reopen them to see the effect. This overrides the value specified by the Workbench Preferences editor.

The R or REFRESH option is used in conjunction with the G or GAUGE option and instructs WBCTRL to update the disk windows automatically for you.

The MNL or MAXNAMELENGTH option is used to change the built-in file name length limit for icon files. 'icon.library' has a built-in file name length limit that affects whether icon files are read and written. Currently, the default for this value is 25 characters. This is sufficient for an icon file name acceptable with the ROM filing system. This limit has two effects: if an icon file is to be written whose name would be longer than the limit, icon.library will silently abort the write attempt and pretend that the icon file has been written; this is done in order to avoid overwriting the original data file with the icon file. If an icon file was read that turns out to contain invalid icon data, another test is done in order to find out whether the file name was longer than the limit. If this is the case, it is assumed that the data was read from the original file rather than from the icon file. The library then pretends that the icon file was not found.

The TB or TITLEBAR option disables/enables the titlebar of the Workbench, overriding the value specified by the Workbench Preferences editor.

The LP or LOCKPENS option unlocks/locks the screen pens 4-7 (MagicWB colors). You should only use this option when needed and not every time your computer boots. This will prevent some unnecessary disk accesses.

The LS or LABELSHADOW and LO or LABELOUTLINE options do not appear to have been implemented at this time.

Example 1:

 : 65,536 bytes
 : 25
displays the current settings for the available values.

Example 2:

3.OS4:> WBCTRL DRAWERNOTIFICATION enables or disables drawer notification, which if enabled, will cause any window using 'Show all files' mode to be redrawn every time a change is made.

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Revised: February 9, 2006.