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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Commands

VERSION Internal
Purpose: To find software version and revision numbers.
Format: VERSION [<library> | <device> | <file>] [<version #>] [<revision #>] [<unit #>]
Path: Internal
VERSION finds the version and revision number of a library, device, command, or Workbench disk. VERSION can also test for a specific version/revision and set the condition flags if the version/revision is greater. This is useful in scripts.

VERSION with no <library>, <device> or <file> argument prints the Kickstart version number and the Workbench version number and sets the environment variables. If a name is specified, version attempts to open the library, device, drive, or file and read the version information. You can get the version of the filesystem by specifying a drive name, such as DF0: or DH0:.

When a <version #> (and possibly a <revision #>) is specified, VERSION sets the condition flag to 0 if the version (and revision) number of the Kickstart, library, or device driver is greater then or equal to the specified value(s). Otherwise, the flag is set to 5 (WARN). (If a revision number is not specified, no comparison on the revision number is performed.)

The <unit #> option enables you to specify a unit number other then 0. This may be necessary for accessing multi-unit drives.

The FILE option forces VERSION to inspect the object as a file, even if it is a library or device.

The INTERNAL and RES options enable you to get the version of the Internal or Resident commands, respectively. Built-in Shell commands will have the same version string as the Shell inself. INTERNAL can also be used to find the version of a RAM module (library or drive) without opening the device or library.

The FULL option prints out the complete version string including the date.

Example 1:

Kickstart 51.28 Workbench 51.1

Example 2:

3.OS4:> VERSION Prefs/Font
Font 51.24

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