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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Commands

Purpose: Displays the contents of a file.
Format: TYPE {<filename> | <pattern>} [TO <name>] [OPT H | N] [HEX | NUMBER | AUTO | TEXT | TEXTONLY]
Path: C:TYPE
TYPE outputs the contents of the named file to the current window if no destination is given or to a specified output file. The TO keyword types information to a specified file. If more than one file name is specified, the file names are typed in sequence.

The OPT H and OPT N options are also available by the HEX and NUMBER keywords, respectively. However, the two options are mutually exclusive. The HEX option types the file as columns of hexadecimal numbers, with an ASCII character interpretation column. The NUMBER option numbers the lines as they are output.

The AUTO option can be used when you don't know the format of the file and you want TYPE to decide by analysing the content, while the TEXT or TEXTONLY option can be used on any type of file but will only display text characters as text, displaying all non-text (i.e. binary values and control characters) as full-stops.

The WIDTH option only seems to apply when the HEX option is used to set the width of the display. The default is 61 characters, giving 16 hex bytes per line.

The BUFFER option can be used to specify multiple bufffers.

To pause output, press the Space bar. To resume output, press Backspace, Return, or Ctrl+X. To stop output, press Ctrl+C (***Break is displayed).


3.OS4:> TYPE S:Shell-Startup
; $VER: Shell-Startup 50.1 (21.12.03)

Prompt "%N.%S> "
Alias Clear "Echo NOLINE *"*E[0;0H*E[J*" "
Alias Cls Clear
Alias XCopy "Copy CLONE "
Alias Italic "Echo NOLINE *"*E[3m*""
Alias Bold "Echo NOLINE *"*E[1m*""
Alias Normal "Echo NOLINE *"*E[0m*""
Alias Underline "Echo NOLINE *"*E[4m*""

set _mchar "||"
set _pchar "|"
The contents of the Shell-Startup file in the S: directory are displayed on the screen.

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