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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Commands

TEE Internal
Purpose: Send data from the standard input to the standard output and also print it to the console.
Format: TEE [SIZE <number>] [LINE]
Template: SIZE/N/K, LINE/S
Path: Internal
The TEE command will read data from its standard input and send it to its standard output, but additionally it will also send a copy of the data to the console. This allows for pipe commands to be monitored.

By default the TEE command reads data in chunks of 512 bytes each, which can be changed using the optional SIZE <number> argument; it controls how many bytes will be read apiece. Alternatively, The LINE option can be used to instruct the TEE command to read the input line by line.


3.OS4:> CD Work:Examples
3.Work:Examples> PUSHCD Ram:
3.RAM Disk:> POPCD
illustrates how the current directory can be pushed onto the stack before changing to a new directory, and then the previous directory can be popped from the stack later.

See also: PIPE.

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