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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Commands

SKIP Internal
Purpose: Skips to a label when executing script files.
Format: SKIP [<label>] [BACK]
Template: LABEL, BACK/S
Path: Internal
SKIP is used in scripts to enable you to skip ahead in the script to a <label> defined by a LAB command. If no <label> is specified, SKIP jumps to the next LAB statement.

SKIP always searches forward from the current line of the script. However, when the BACK option is used, SKIP starts searching for the label from the beginning of the script. This enables you to skip to points prior to the SKIP command.

You can only SKIP as far back as the last EXECUTE statement. If there are no EXECUTE statements in a script, you can SKIP back to the beginning of the script.

If SKIP does not find the <label> you specified, but finds an ENDSKIP statement instead, execution of the script resumes at the line following the ENDSKIP. The return code is set to 5 (WARN).

If SKIP finds neither the <label> or an ENDSKIP statement, the command sequence terminates with the message:

Label <label> not found by Skip and the return code is set to 10 (ERROR).


Assume you have the following script, called CheckFile:

.KEY name
IF EXISTS <name>
    SKIP message
    ECHO "<name> is not in this directory."
LAB message
ECHO "The <name> file exists."
You can run the script by entering: 3.OS4:> EXECUTE CheckFile Document

If the Document file exists in the current directory, the execution of the script SKIPs ahead to the LAB command. The following message is displayed in the Shell window:

The Document file exists.

If the Document file is not in the current directory, the execution of the script drops through to the line after the ELSE statement, and the following message is displayed in the Shell window:

Document is not in this directory.


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