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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Commands

PROMPT Internal
Purpose: Changes the prompt string of the current Shell.
Format: PROMPT [<prompt>]
Template: PROMPT
Path: Internal
PROMPT allows you to customize the prompt string, the text printed by the Shell at the beginning of a command line. The prompt string can contain any characters, including escape sequences.

These web pages shows the prompt string as 3.OS4:>.

The default prompt string is: ' %N.%S> ' which displays the Shell number, a period, the current directory, a right angle-bracket, and a space. Entering PROMPT without a string argument resets the prompt to this default.

The substitutions available for the <prompt> string are:

%N Displays the process number for the Shell.
%S Displays the current directory.
%R Displays the return code for the last operation.
A space is not automatically added to the end of the string. If you want a space between the prompt and typed-in text, place it in the string, and enclose the string in double quotation marks (").

You can embed commands in the prompt string by enclosing the command in back apostrophes (`).

Example 1:

only the Shell number is shown. The > is removed from the prompt.

Example 2:

3.OS4:> CD Work:Snim
3.OS4:> PROMPT "%N.%S.%R>"
The Shell number, current directory, and return code of the previous command are shown. A space is included after the >.

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