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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Commands

PIPE Internal
Purpose: To route the output from one program to become the input for another.
Format: PIPE <command>
Template: COMMAND/A/F
Path: Internal
The PIPE command routes the output from one program to become the input for another program using the pipe symbol ( | ) to connect them.

Example 1:

3.OS4:> PIPE LIST sys: | More
Directory "sys:" on Sunday 24-Dec-06
Disk.info   6990  ----rw-d  Today  13:20:04
S   Dir  ----rwed  Today  10:40:52
Kickstart   Dir  ----rwed  Today  13:58:01
WBStartUp.info   7703  ----rw-d  20-Dec-06  14:54:19
WBStartUp   Dir  ----rwed  Today  14:05:31
Utilities.info   7417  ----rw-d  20-Dec-06  15:42:19
Utilities   Dir  ----rwed  Today  19:21:35
  --- More ---  
illustrates how the LIST command can be executed against the SYS: directory and have the output routed to the MORE utility. As soon as the screen is full, '---- MORE ----' is displayed and MORE will wait until the space bar is pressed before proceeding to the next screen load of data to be displayed.

Example 2:

3.OS4:> PIPE LIST sys: NOHEAD | Sort IN: OUT:
C   Dir  ----rwed  Today  13:02:39
Classes   Dir  ----rwed  Today  13:02:42
Devs   Dir  ----rwed  Today  14:40:46
Devs.info   7417  ----rw-d  20-Dec-06  14:54:19
Disk.info   6990  ----rw-d  Today  13:20:04
Fonts   Dir  ----rwed  Today  13:03:38
Internet   Dir  ----rwed  Today  16:19:05
In this example the output from the LIST command was routed to the SORT program. Notice how Sort needs 'IN:' and 'OUT:'. These devices don't actually exist, but the PIPE command simulates them with the PIPE:. This is necessary because C:Sort cannot use the 'standard IO', but insists on files.

See also: LIST, SORT.

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