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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Commands

Purpose: To enable execution of a script file from an icon.
Format: ICONX
Template: none
ICONX allows you to execute a script file of AmigaDOS commands via an icon.

To use ICONX, create or copy a project icon for the script. Open the icon's Information window and change the Default Tool of the icon to C:ICONX. Add the WINDOW= and DELAY= Tool Types if you chose, and select Save to store the changed .info file. The script can then be executed by double-clicking on the icon.

When the icon is opened, ICONX changes the current directory to the directory containing the project icon before executing the script. An input/output window for the script file will be opened on the Workbench screen. The icon's WINDOW= Tool Type can be used to specify the size of the window. You can add a delay (specified in seconds) after the execution of the file is complete with the DELAY= Tool Type. This will keep the window open to allow time for reading the output. If a 0 is specified for DELAY=, ICONX waits for a Ctrl-C before exiting.

Extended selection can be used to pass files that have icons to the script. Their filenames appear to the script as keywords. To use this facility, the .KEY keyword must appear at the start of the script. In this case, the AmigaDOS EXECUTE command is used to execute the script file.

See also: EXECUTE

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