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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Commands

GRIMREAPER System Program
Purpose: To intercept program errors and provide action options.
Format: (none)
Template: (none)
Path: Internal
The GrimReaper is not a program that you can run but it is run automatically by AmigaOS4 whenever an internal program error occurs. It displays the task which caused the error and the nature of the error (illegal memory access etc.), whereupon it presents the user with several options such as suspending/killing the task, displaying more information such as a register dump or attaching a debugger (gdb), as shown below:

Selecting the More... option results in the following screen:

Unless you are a programmer much of what is displayed here may not make much sense, however if you are running a program which consistently fails and you report the error to the programmer, he may ask you for information from this or related windows, or simply to run the Write Crash Log option and send the programmer the output.

Selecting the Kill option from the initial error display, or the Kill Program option from the More... window, kills the program, and this may prevent it from being run again until the system is re-booted. Depending on what damage the offending program did in memory, it may cause other programs to behave badly or fail, in which case it may be necessary to re-boot the entire system.

Selecting the Attach to GDB option will typically result in the 'More...' window being displayed, unless the Amiga Software Development Kit (SDK) has been installed, in which case it will result in the following screen:

This window is only of use to developers and enables them to interactively debug program errors.

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