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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Commands

Purpose: To print (or dump) entire screens, including menus and icons, just as they appear on the screen.
Format: GRAPHICDUMP [SIZE=TINY | SMALL | MEDIUM | LARGE | <xdots:ydots>]
Path: SYS:Tools/GraphicDump
GRAPHICDUMP prints (or dumps) entire screens, including menus and icons, just as they appear on your monitor. Your printer must be capable of printing graphic images, although most printers can print GRAPHICDUMP output.

The SIZE options, which correspond to the program's acceptable Tool Types, determines the width of the printout. These options are:

TINY 1/4 the total width allowed by the printer.
SMALL 1/2 the total width allowed by the printer.
MEDIUM 3/4 the total width allowed by the printer.
LARGE Full width allowed by the printer.
<xdots>:<ydots> To set specific dimensions in number of printer dots, where the <xdots> argument specifies the width, and the <ydots> argument specifies the height.

The DELAY argument specifies the delay period in seconds before the image is sent. The default is 10 seconds.

The UNIT argument specifies the Printer Device Unit that the output is to go to.

Before using GRAPHICDUMP, make sure the settings in the Printer and PrinterPS Preferences editors are appropriate for your printer. You can specify the dimensions of the printout with the Limits setting in the PrinterGfx editor. Otherwise, the printout is the full width allowed by the printer.

The height of the printout maintains the perspective of the screen, except where specific dimensions are specified. The Limits Type gadget in the PrinterGfx editor must be set to Ignore for GRAPHICDUMP, or else the size of the printout is determined by the Limits setting.

To use GRAPHICDUMP from the Workbench, double-click on its icon. After a 10 second delay the front-most screen image is sent to the printer. The mouse pointer is not printed.


3.OS4:> GRAPHICDUMP outputs the screen image to the printer device.

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