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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Commands

FKEY Commodity
Purpose: To assign text to function and shifted function keys.
Format: FKEY [CX_PRIORITY <priority>] [CX_POPKEY <key>] [CX_POPUP <yes | no>] [SHOWHINTS <yes | no>] [LEFT <coord> | LEFT | CENTER | MOUSE | AUTO] [TOP <coord> | LEFT | CENTER | MOUSE | AUTO] [WIDTH <size> | MAXSIZE | MINSIZE | AUTO] [HEIGHT <size> | MAXSIZE | MINSIZE | AUTO]
Path: SYS:Utilities/Commodities/FKey
FKEY enables you to assign functions to keys, eliminating the need for repetitive typing.

CX_PRIORITY sets the priority of FKey in relation to all of the other Commodity Exchange programs. All of the Commodity Exchange programs are set to a default priority of 0.

CX_POPKEY enables you to specify the hot key for the program. If more than one key is specified, be sure to enclose the entire argument in double-quotes (i.e CX_POPKEY "Shift F1").

CX_POPUP will keep the FKey window from opening.

The SHOWHINTS YES option can be used to display usage information if you position the cursor over selectable items.

LEFT, TOP, WIDTH and HEIGHT can be used to customise where the FKey window should appear on the screen and the size of the window.

FKEY lets you assign any of eight commands to any key sequence that you enter. The Defined Keys scrolling list shows all the currently defined key sequences. The New Key and Delete Key gadgets let you add and remove key sequences.

The Command cycle gadget lets you pick a command for the current key sequence. The possible commands are the following:

Cycle Windows Brings the rearmost application window on the Workbench screen to the front and activates it. This only affects application windows opened by tools or projects, such as Clock. Disk and drawer windows are not affected.
Cycle Screens Brings the rearmost screen to the front of the display.
Enlarge Window Enlarges the active window to its maximum size, taking into account the edges of the screen.
Shrink Window Shrinks the active window to its minimum size.
Toggle Window Size Zooms the active window just as if you had selected the window's zoom gadget. It also works on windows that only have a zoom gadget and no string gadgets.
Insert Text When the key sequence is entered, the specified string is inserted instead. The string to insert is specified in the Command Parameters gadget.
Run Program Lets you run a program by pressing any key sequence. The program name and its arguments are specified in the Command Parameters gadget.
Run ARexx Script Lets you run an ARexx script by pressing any key sequence. The script name and its arguments are specified in the Command Parameters gadget. Putting quotes around the script name turns it into an ARexx script.

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