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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Commands

BRU Obsolete
Purpose: Backup and Restore utility
Format: BRU <mode> [<control options>] [<selection options>] [<files>]
Path: SYS:Tools/Bru

This command became obsolete with AmigaOS 4.0 Final - details shown for information only

BRU is a multi-purpose program whose function is determined from the arguments passed.

The single <mode> argument may be one of three process categories:

-c create a new archive with specified files
-e estimate media requirements for create mode
-d find differences between archived files and current files
-g give only information from archive header
-i inspect archive for consistency and data integrity
-t list archive table of contents for files
-x extract named files from archive
-h print help information
With the multiple occurrence <control options> argument, sizes are specified in bytes, while the scale factors 'M' or 'm', 'K' or 'k', or 'B' or 'b' can be appended to the size to indicate megabytes, kilobytes, or blocks (512 bytes) respectively.
-# <str> use debugging control string <str>
-a do not reset file access times after reads (now default)
-A <flags> Amiga specific flags:
c clear file archived bit after processing
f during filter mode reroute interactions to ipc port
i ignore file archived bit for selecting files
r reject files that have archived bit set
s set file archived bit after processing
-b <N> set archive buffer size to <N> bytes (scalable)
-B background mode, no interaction with operator
-C always change extracted files to the user's user and group ids
-D on some systems, provides speedup via double buffering
-f <file> use specified <file> as archive ('-' for stdin/stdout)
-F fast mode, no checksum computations or checking
-I <option> an interaction option:
l,pathname write verbosity info to pathname
q,fifo write interaction queries to fifo
r,fifo read interaction replies from fifo
-l suppress warnings about unresolved links
-L <str> label archive with given string <str> (63 char max)
-m limit directory expansions to same mounted filesystem
N <nbits> use <nbits> for LZW compression (default 12); see -Z
-p pass over archive files by reading rather than seeking
-P <opts> special options for pathname handling and expansions:
e turn off expansion of directories
E turn on expansion of directories
f turn off filter mode (build internal file tree)
F turn on filter mode (do not build internal tree)
p turn off auto archiving of parent directory nodes
P turn on auto archiving of parent directory nodes
-R exclude remotely mounted files for NFS/RFS systems
-s <N> specify size of archive media to <N> bytes (scalable)
-S <N> turn on options to handle sparse files intelligently and set sparse file size threshold to <N> bytes (scalable)
-v enable verbose mode (-vv and -vvv for more verbosity)
-w display action to be taken and wait for confirmationfont>
-Z use LZW compression on archived files; see -N
Finally the single occurrence <selection options> argument:
-n <date> select files modified since <date> e.g. 09-Feb-06,15:24:00
-o <user> select files owned by user, where <user> may be a symbolic user name, numeric user id, or file owned by user
-u abcdflpr use selected files in given class regardless of modification dates, where class is one or more of:
a use any file, same as giving all other args
b use block special files
c use character special filesfont>
d use directories
f use regular files (same as r )
l use symbolic links
p use fifos (named pipes)
r use regular files (same as f )

Example 1:

3.OS4:> BRU Any output sent to the parallel port will be re-routed to a file in RAM: called cmd_file.

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