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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Commands

ARP Networking
Purpose: To manipulate the system ARP Cache.
Format: ARP -a | ALL [<hostname>] [-n | NONAMES | NUMERIC]
ARP -d | DELETE <hostname> [PUB | PUBLISH]
ARP -s | SET <hostname> <address> [TEMP]
ARP -s | SET <hostname> <address> [PUB | PUBLISH] [PRO | PROXY]
ARP -f | FILE <filename> [-n | NONAMES | NUMBERS]
Path: C:arp
ARP manipulates the Address Resolution Protocol cache in various ways. The primary options are clearing an address mapping entry and setting one up. For debugging purposes, it can also provide a complete dump of the ARP cache.

'-a ' or ALL displays all entries in cache, or if a <hostname> is specified, all the entries for the specified host. '-n ' or NONAMES or NUMBERS can be used to show numerical addresses instead of trying to determine symbolic host, port or user names.

'-d ' or DELETE deletes any entry in cache for the specified host.

'-s ' or SET manually creates an ARP address mapping entry for host <hostname> with hardware address set to <address> class, but for most classes one can assume that the usual presentation can be used. For the Ethernet class, this is 6 bytes hexadecimal, separated by colons. The PUB or PUBLISH or PRO or PROXY flags must be set when adding proxy arp entries. If the TEMP flag is not supplied, entries will be permanently stored into the ARP cache.

'-f ' or FILE is similar to the -s or SET option, only this time the address info is taken from file <filename>.

Example 1:

? ( at 0:6:25:d8:44:bd
This may take a minute or two to complete while it tries to resolve the name.

Example 2:

3.OS4:> ARP -a -n
? ( at 0:6:25:d8:44:bd
Almost the same as the previous example except NONAMES or NUMBERS was specified, so it displays immediately.

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