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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Commands

AMIGAINPUT Preferences Editor
Purpose: To reconfigure input devices, such as keyboard, mouse, joystick, gamepad etc.
Template: (none)
Path: SYS:Prefs/AmigaInput

This command was not supplied with AmigaOS 4.0 Final but is expected to be available later

AMIGAINPUT can be used to configure the mouse, joystick, gamepad and keyboard drivers, specify the ports to be used, remap buttons and test/calibrate the devices if required.

AMIGAINPUT unifies the game programmer's need to support various input devices like joysticks, pads, steering wheels, keyboards and mice using one common API. AMIGAINPUT is primarily aimed at multimedia and game programmers who want to support a wide range of input devices, making the various API's like lowlevel.library, gameport.device and PSXport.device a thing of the past, such that programmers will not need to care about how a device is connected to the system.

Supported interfaces include:

  • USB ports
  • Classic joystick ports
  • Catweasel MK4 joystick and keyboard ports (planned)
  • Soundcard joystick ports
Supported device classes include
  • Analog and digital joysticks
  • Flight-Controller sticks
  • Joypads and PSX-Pads
  • Steering wheels
An SDK will also be available to allow hardware vendors to write device drivers for their hardware. Furthermore a rewrite of lowlevel.library in OS 4 will directly map to AmigaInput, making it possible to use modern hardware in old, non-AmigaInput aware applications and games.

Instructions for using the AmigaInput Preferences editor can be found here.


3.OS4:> AMIGAINPUT will open the AmigaInput Preferences window.

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