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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Commands

AMIPDF Utility
Purpose: To view PDF files.
Format: AMIPDF
Path: SYS:Utilities/AmiPDF
AMIPDF is a port of XPDF 3.00 which is a utility program that displays Portable Document Format (.pdf) files. While it also gives you the facility to print documents, or just specific pages, it actually uses AMIGS to do this.

When started, it will display a requester for you to select a file for viewing. As well as paging through the document you can use the Zoom button to enlarge the display. This can only be done a limited number of times before you run out of memory, so don't get carried away.

If you select Print, a requester will display where you can select which printer you want to use, and when you click on Print, the request in passed to AMIGS as mentioned above, and the next thing you see is a requester saying:

Please insert volume PIPE in any drive with options of Retry, Assign, Mount, and Cancel. Click on Mount.

A small window will then appear saying "Starting Interpreter" which will quickly be followed by another requester saying:

Please insert volume Ghostscript in any drive with options of Retry, Assign, Mount, and Cancel. Before you have had time to even think about what to do next, an Error window will be displayed saying:

Timeout occurred while starting the Ghostscript interpreter, please check if it is installed properly

Click on Close to get rid of the window. Return to the previous requester and click on Assign, which will display another requester where Drawer will show SYS:Utilities/AMIPDF. Click on Parent and select Ghostscript, then click on the Assign button.

To avoid most of this we recommend that you open the Ghostscript drawer in SYS:Utilities and click on 'MakeAssigns' before running AMIPDF if you are intending to print.

However there are limitations with regard to printing from AMIPDF as explained in the section on AMIGS which you should read if you have any problems.

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