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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Preferences

PRINTER Preferences Editor
The Printer Preferences editor enables you to select a printer driver, the printer port, and various text and graphic options. The settings made in the Printer Preferences editor (as well as PrinterGFX and PrinterPS) are defaults that are used when print settings have not been made elsewhere. Applications, such as word processors, typically provide corresponding options that override the Printer Preferences settings. When the Printer Preferences editor is invoked it will display the following window:\

Printer Type

The Printer Type scroll gadget displays a list of available printer drivers currently installed in DEVS:Printers. If the printer driver you require is not shown in the list, check in SYS:Storage/Printers and if necessary copy the appropriate printer driver to DEVS:Printers. More printer drivers are available from Aminet or from the Internet.

Select a printer driver by pointing to its name and clicking on the mouse selection button. The selected driver is highlighted and the name is repeated as Printer Name in the right-hand panel.

Printer Port specifies the type of port where the printer is attached: Parallel or Serial. There is no support for USB printer devices. Given that there is no longer an editor to configure the serial port this seems somewhat outdated and probably just a relic from the past.

Accelerated when ticked, accelerates the speed at which the mouse moves while it keeps moving.

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