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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Preferences

POINTER Preferences Editor
The Pointer Preferences editor is used to change the appearance of the mouse pointer as used on the Workbench. The Pointer as two states; its Normal state is when no activity is taking place, and its Busy state immediately after it has clicked on an item and initiated some activity, and remains until the activity is complete.


The default Normal image, as selected by the top left-hand requester is a red arrow as shown, but this can be changed using the drawing tools and color palette as follows:

The left-most box is the bit-map drawing window for manipulating the images, while the next set of boxes to the right shows what the pointer looks like in relation to the 1st four (fixed) colours of the Workbench Palette.

The color bar at the top right-hand corner shows the four colours available for use by the pointer, the left one of which cannot be changed as it represents the background color.

Below the color bar, is the color wheel and color sliders which can be used to change the remaining three colors shown above. The Restore button can be used to reset the colors to the values they were at program startup.


The default Busy image, as selected by the top left-hand requester is a clock as shown, but this too can be changed using the drawing tools and color palette, but the palette must be the same as for the Normal pointer above.

Both pointer values can be manipulated using the standard OS4 drawing tools; freehand gadget, continuous line gadget, outline and filled rectangle gadgets, outline and filled ellipse gadgets, straight line gadget, flood fill gadget, undo and redo gadgets, and the clear gadget.

Both images must also have a 'hot spot' which is the point that must be over an icon or value to select it. This is not by selecting the Setpoint button, an then clicking on the pixel on each image to be the hotspot.

Action Buttons

When you make changes you can choose to 'Save' them permanently, just 'Use' them temporarily until the system is rebooted, 'Test' them to help you decide whether you have achieved what you expected, or you can 'Cancel' and lose all changes. If any option other than 'Cancel' is taken, it will be neccessary to close all windows, except drawers, before the request can be completed.

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