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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Preferences

LOCALE Preferences Editor
The Locale Preferences editor enables you to specify the language and locality information to be used on your system. When Locale is invoked it will display the following window:


Available Languages
Lists the languages and associated directories that can be chosen as additonal fallback catalog search path, but is inactive after 10 preferred languages have been selected.

Preferred Languages
The first entry specifies the system default language, character set and sorting rules. Additional entries specify in which order additional directories shall be searched for catalog files.

The Clear Languages button can be used to reset Preferred Languages so that you can select a new default, etc.


Lists the country definitions stored in LOCALE:Countries/. The select entry defines your currency, international phone number, date and time string format, etc. It is important to select the country that you live so that the associated details are set correctly.

Time Zone

Shows a shaded bar corresponding to your local time zone, and this is reflected by the Time Zone in words beneath the world map. You can click on a country for an estimation of your time zone or you can use the < and > keys to adjust the timezone to the correct value. (For those of us who live in New Zealand, you will be pleased to learn that it now accepts 13 Hours before UTC which corresponds to NZ Daylight Saving Time)

Finally you can choose between saving your changes (Save), using your changes without saving (Use), or cancelling your changes completely (Cancel).

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