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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Preferences

INTERNET Preferences Editor
The Internet Preferences editor enables you to change the various characteristics relating to Internet access, comprising Interfaces, Routes, Hosts, Name Resolution, Services, and Servers, each one with its own editing window accessed from the left-hand menu bar.

The Internet Preferences editor DOES NOT provide any facilities to configure your personal Internet connections. These are setup using tools in the 'Internet' drawer on the Workbench partition. The procedures for doing this are documented here.


New, Copy, and Modify invoke the Interface Editing Window that follows, while Delete acts immediately (not an 'Are you sure?' in sight), however you can Cancel out if you make a mistake. Otherwise you must click on Save to save your changes.

Interface Editing Window

This window is invoked if you click on New, Copy, or Modify above.

Name is the name you want to give the Network Interface.

Device Driver is the name of a device driver in the DEVS:Network/ drawer.

Device Type is a non-keyable field that defaults based on the Device Driver selected. For example, for ethernet device drivers 'Ethernet' will be defaulted; for ppp device drivers 'PPP' will be defaulted, etc.

Unit/Port is the unit or port number for the Network Interface - this will default to '0', but can be changed using the '-' and '+' gadgets.

If you select Use static IP address so that a tick appears, you will then be able to enter an IP address and Subnet mask for the interface, otherwise these fields are non-keyable.

If the Device Type selected is 'Ethernet', DHCP will become unghosted, in which case if you then select Try dynamic configuration (DHCP) so that a tick appears, you will then be able to enter an Hostname for the interface, otherwise the field is non-keyable.

IP packet type default to 2048 bytes, but if you untick the Default box, you case use the '-' and '+' gadgets to alter the value.

You must click on Use to retain the values entered, or Cancel to lose all changes, and return to the Interfaces window above.

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Revised: February 9, 2006.