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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Preferences

DOS Preferences Editor
The DOS Preferences editor is used to customise a number of DOS parameters.

Allow asterisk in pattern matching - clicking on this box sets the default behaviour for all DOS pattern matching functions to accept * as a synonym for the wildcard pattern #?.

Enable Assign-Mount - clicking on this box sets the default behaviour for any requests to access a non-existant volume or assignment to display a requester offering further options. This is normally set by default.

Boot CLI display
Column mode - when booting the system without using the Startup-Sequence, this setting determines whether the font used in the Command Line Interface is suitable for either a 60 or 80 column display.

File handle buffer size
this is the default size for all DOS buffered I/O Filehandle buffers in Kilobytes. Minimum value is 0, but this forces DOS to use the V40 size of 204 bytes instead. Maximum value is 32KB. Default is 2KB.

Warning Requester
Post time - in the event that an error is encountered with an application, this defines the length of time to post program error warnings in seconds. The minimum value is 4 seconds. The maximum value is 30 seconds. The default value is 20 seconds.

Wait time - is the time to wait before re-posting another program erro warning in seconds. The minimum value is 1 second. The maximum value is 600 seconds (10 mins). The default value is 60 seconds (1 min).

Process stack size
Specifies the minimum stack size for all DOS processes in Kilobytes. The minimum value is 8KB. The maximum value is 512KB. The default is 47KB.

Action Buttons
When you make changes you can choose to 'Save' them permanently, just 'Use' them temporarily until the system is rebooted, or you can 'Cancel' and lose all changes.

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