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AmigaOS 4.0 - About OS4 - Preferences

AMIGAINPUT Preferences Editor
The AmigaInput Preferences editor enables you to configure the primary input devices such as the keyboard and mouse, as well as gamepad and joystick devices.

When the AmigaInput Preferences editor is invoked it will display the following window:


Available Interfaces
This gadget lists the available interfaces, and at this time only one (Generic) will show, and it will be ticked. Unticking this option will cause all other gadgets to become ghosted.

Driver Information
This section lists two parameters, 'Supports Scanning' and 'Units', but both are information only and cannot be changed.

Available Drivers
This gadget lists the available drivers, and at this time only 'Generic_Mouse' and 'Generic_Keyboard' will show, both of which will be ticked. Unticking either of these options will cause the Units gadgets to become inticked.

This gadget lists the unit number starting from 0, and at this time only '0' will show and it will be ticked. Unticking it will change the Usdage value from 'Enabled' to 'Disabled' and cause one of the Available Drivers gadgets to become unticked, but not always the same one. The reason for this is not understood at this time.

The Test/Calibrate Unit button is obviously designed to test or calibrate the selected unit, but there is no indication that it actually works at this time.


Initially the first gadget will show 'Choose lowlevel.library Port...' and all other gadgets will appear ghosted. Clicking on this gadget will reveal the following options:

Port 0 Gamepad
Port 0 Mouse
Port 0 joystick
Port 1 Gamepad
Port 1 Mouse
Port 1 joystick
Port 2 Gamepad
Port 2 Mouse
Port 2 joystick
Port 3 Gamepad
Port 3 Mouse
Port 3 joystick

This gadget lists the drivers selected in 'Available Drivers' above, and displays their Unit number. There are two buttons, Assign and Remove, but these remain ghosted at this time.

Button Remapping
This section provides a series of gadgets to facilitate the remapping of buttons on Gamepads and joysticks, but since these are not available they all remain ghosted at this time.

Directional Remapping
This section provides two gadgets for the remapping of horizontal and vertical controls on Gamepads, but these remain ghosted at this time.

Action Buttons
When you make changes you can choose to 'Save' them permanently, just 'Use' them temporarily until the system is rebooted, or you can 'Cancel' and lose all changes.

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Revised: February 9, 2006.