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AmigaOS 4.0 - OS4 Updates

Since the initial distribution of the Developer Pre-release of OS 4.0, a number of updates have been released which fix errors and add new features.

Do NOT assume that you apply all updates in order or that they are necessarily cumulative. Some completely replace previous versions and by updating you will find programs and folders left behind which are no longer current for the update being installed.

We recommend that you carefully read the instructions for each update and check that everything is operational with the supplied software, before attemptimg to get third party programs re-installed and they may impact on the result and leave you with an unstable system.

This section lists the published enhancements and discusses any issues arising from their use.

Update 1 (released 10-Oct-2004)
This comes as an lha file that contains 2 files:

  • os4-20041010.iso that must be burned to CD using MakeCD or similar, and then booted from,
    i.e. Press <Esc> to break U-Boot start-up and then type: ide reset
    setenv boot1 cdrom
  • README.txt that contains the following:
    What's new in Pre-Release update 1
    - Kernel-Level Altivec support.
    - Much improved compatibilty/speed of 68k emulation (JIT not included yet)
    - Improved 68k FPU emulation
    - Fully PowerPC-native Picasso96/graphics system
    - Fully PowerPC-native MUI
    - USB support for input devices
    - Support for onboard serial and parallel hardware
    - Driver support for the SiI0680 IDE adaptor (including UDMA support)
    - Improved PIO mode VIA driver
    - Improved Internet capabilities and better ehternet support.
    - Printing support
    - Improved audio hardware support, including new drivers.
    - Comprehensive bug fixes, speed improvements, added features and functionality
      across all system components.
    - and much more...
Update 2 (released 27-Dec-2004)
This comes as an lha file that contains 2 files:
  • INSTALL that you simply run to install the updates.
  • README that contains the following:
    This update contains the following updated components:
    - Kernel 51.20
    - dos.library 51.24
    - CrossDOS FS 51.19
    - Timer device 51.4
    - loader-51.6
    - Mass Storage Support for USB
    - Updated USB stack
    - elf library 51.5
    - Moovid PPC
    - SmartFileSystem 1.234
    - newlib.library 2.8
    - CDFileSystem 51.4
    - rtg.library 41.4252
    - graphics.library 51.12
    - Grim Reaper 51.4
Update 3 (released 16-Jun-2005)
This comes as an lha file that contains 2 files:
  • Install Update 3 that you simply run to install the updates.
  • README_update3.pdf that contains the following:
    New Kernel
    The new kernel should fix all outstanding issues that have been observed on the 750GX CPU's. In addition to numerous bug fixes and improvements, this kernel now also features ixemul.library compatibility (a matching ixemul package will be available for download on os4depot.net shortly). A memory leak has been fixed in elf.library that could lead to about 500 lost bytes per program execution.
    New IDE Devices
    The update contains new IDE device drivers for the following controllers/chips:
    • VIA 686B Onboard (a1ide.device.kmod)
    • Silicon Images SiI0680 Parallel ATA Controller (sii0680ide.device.kmod)
    • Silicon Images SiI3112 Serial ATA Controller (sii3112ide.device.kmod)
    • Silicon Images SiI3512 Serial ATA Controller (sii3512ide.device.kmod)
    • Silicon Images SiL3114 Serial ATA Controller (sii3114ide.device.kmod)
    All of these support full UDMA operation for harddisks and CD-ROMs/DVD-Drives.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Using a1ide.device in DMA mode on an unfixed AmigaOne might result in data loss/corruption. Do not use the DMA feature if you don't have a fixed board! This only applies to XE and SE boards. It is safe to use DMA on the μA1.
    UDMA feature must be enabled in U-Boot. Please refer to the additional documentation that will be installed in SYS:Documentation. Make sure to read all of it, since some variable names have changed.
    New Picasso96/graphics and monitor drivers
    A new version of the Picasso96 RTG system, graphics library and monitor drivers now allows the usage of vertical blanking interrupts for screen synchronization. YUV Overlay support is currently missing in the Radeon driver but available in the 3DFX Voodoo driver.
    Warp3D V51
    This update contains an all-new version of the 3D driver suite Warp3D. Features that have been added since the last (classic) release include:
    • Hardware multitexture support, on all hardware that supports it. Voodoo supports 2 simultaneous texture units, while the Radeon 7x00 supports 3 simultaneous texture units.
    • Support for simplified (Voodoo 3) and extended texture combiner modes (Voodoo 4/5, Radeon).
    • Support for interleaved vertex arrays
    • Completely rewritten Voodoo 3 (Avenger) and Voodoo 4/5 (Napalm) drivers. Voodoo 4/5 feature set (32 bit rendering target with destination alpha, 2048x2048 max texture size, 32 bit textures) fully supported.
    • All-new driver for the Radeon Rv100 (Radeon 7000), R100 (Radeon 7200) and Rv200 (Radeon 7500) chipsets. R2x00 support in the works.
    • Full support for 8 bit stencil buffers on both Radeon and Napalm drivers.
    WarpUp support
    The new powerpc.library emulates loading and execution of WarpUp binaries. Currently, there are still some interoperability issues (especially with Warp3D programs). And no, iFusion will not work.
    New Shell and Shell Commands
    A whole wealth of updates shell commands and a new shell is included in the update, along with updated documentation.
    Other features
    • Updated reaction gadget class and a new intuition with improved features.
    • New Roadshow TCP/IP Stack and eth3com.device
    • All-new version of the Sirion USB stack and the new usbprinter.device
    • Updated datatypes
    • Updated Preferences editors
    • Updated Locale
    • etc.
Update 4 (released 8-Feb-2006)
Unlike previous updates which could only update an existing system, this update can be applied as an update to an existing system or can be be installed to a blank disk.

It comes as an lha file that contains a folder called Update4 that contains 4 files:

  • install.iso that is a bootable CDROM image that must be burned to a blank CD.
  • install.iso.md5 MD5 verification file for the iso image.
  • Verify ISO image a program that you can run used the above file to verify the iso image is complete.
  • AmigaOS4.0 update4.pdf that contains the installation instructions that you MUST read before starting the install process.
The new features in this pre-release include:
  • All-new Warp3D with support for Voodoo 3/4/5 and ATI Radeon models 7000, 7200, 7500, 9000, 9200 and 9250.
  • Petunia Just-In-Time 68k emulator.
  • All-new Intuition with advanced features like flicker-free window redraw and new screen dragging features (among other things, screens can be dragged freely in any direction and will reveal other screens beneath even if dragged sideways)
  • Updated ExecSG kernel
  • New Extended Input System allows the use of mouse wheels on both PS/2 and USB mice, and the use of Multimedia keyboards (with keys like volume control, play/pause etc)
  • And much much more. Practically ALL components of the system have been updated.
Final (released 24-Dec-2006)
Unlike previous updates, this should not be treated as an update to an existing system, although some people have successfully done it, while others haven't. It is recommended that you install it either to an empty or new partition. If you attempt to install it to an existing partition, all data may be overwritten and existing settings will be lost.

It comes as an lha file that contains 2 files:
  • Install.iso that you burn to a CD.
  • README that contains the following:

    InstallCD 52.6 README
    This CD image is an ISO image. In order to use it, you need to burn it onto a CD-R or CD-RW. The exact process depends on the software you use, normally any CD writer program should have a funciton like "Burn Image" or similar.

    If you insert the CD into an Amiga computer, you should see an installation guide icon appear on your workbench desktop. This contains a description on how to install this update.

    For the impatient:
    1) MAKE A BACKUP! This CD does not support upgrading your system, you need to reinstall. Make a backup of all your files. The installation will only affect your SYS: partition unless you choose to re-partition your drive.

    2) Make sure you have U-Boot 1.1.x or later installed. If you do not have it, download the latest version from www.Hyperion-Entertainment.biz

    3) Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive and boot from it. This depends on the controller your drive is connected to. Select the appropriate boot device in the U-Boot menu by pressing ENTER during initial count-down.

    4) The installation should start automatically after you selected your country and keyboard settings.

    Again, note that an Upgrade installation is NOT supported. This installation WILL overwrite your SYS: partition.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of the new features since Update #4:
    • New memory system
    • Low Fragmentation, even with long up-times
    • Lots of speedups (for example, memory pools are 10 to 20 times faster than before)
    • Named memory
    • Now uses the MMU to write-protect the .rodata sections of ELF binaries.
    680x0 emulators
    • Improved compatibility
    • JIT emulator is between 10 to 50% faster
    • 64 bit support for file sizes.
    • New directory scanning and object examination API
    • Support for legacy programs requiring a planar screen: normal, HAM6 and HAM8 planar screens are promoted to RTG
    • Customizable truecolor mouse pointer (in hardware sprite mode on Radeon boards, and in software sprite mode on all boards)
    • Navigation of oversized screens via [Left Amiga] + numeric pad
    • Support for native 32 bit icons with normal and selected image
    • Support for loader/saver modules for third-party icon formats
    • Customizable highlight effect for selected single-image icons
    • Customizable "left out", "no drop" and "disabled" icon symbols
    • Removed the remaining 30 character filename length limits
    Storage controllers support
    • New driver for ITE IT8212 IDE controller
    • New driver for SCSI 53C8xx-based controllers
    • Support for IDE ct-flasher hardware added as contribution
    • Support for alpha channel in IFF ILBM for easy loading, saving, and clipboard copy/paste of truecolor data
    • No more black background in MultiView when displaying truecolor pictures with an alpha channel
    • MultiView allows the Workbench screen to be closed and reopened
    • Smoother appearance for colorwheel.gadget
    • Customizable images for requester.class requesters
    • Many parts of OS4 now support the mouse wheel
    • The classic RAD: doesn't survive a soft reboot anymore
    • The new RESRAD: survives a soft reboot again
    • The new BOOTRAD: offers booting from a disk image which survives a soft reboot.
    • Changing the system default keymap now immediately affects all console windows which don't use a private keymap.
    printer drivers
    • All printer drivers except Printers:File are PPC native
    • The PostScript printer driver now supports printing pictures in greyscale, B&W and landscape modes. It now uses the current system default charset for text printing to ISO-8859-1 before.
    Printer preferences editor
    • Now PPC native, some new features
    • New driver for the AmigaOne which has a floppy disk port.
    • Supports booting from floppy disk.
    • Allows limited exchange with Classic Amigas.
    • Now supports algorithmic font emboldening.
    • The default fonts are now the DejaVu fonts which support more different character sets than the Bitstream Vera fonts.
    • USB mice and keyboard can now be used to access and navigate EarlyStartup
    • Keybord drivers respects users keyboard key repeat delay and speed
    • Keyboard drivers can now reset into UBoot
    Boot menu
    • Early boot menu can be used with the only a keyboard.
    • Adjusts its GUI to the screen height which looks better on A1
    Picasso96 and drivers
    • Radeon Overlay (PIP) support
    • Extended P96 PIP API (double/triple-buffering possibility allowing perfectly smooth animation)
    • Localized
    • Improved printing preferences (page selection, double sided printing, collation)
    • Localized
    • Improved printing preferences (page selection, double sided printing, collation)
    • Additional character set support for bookmarks and text copying
    • More search options
    • Updated to the latest version (8.54)

Disclaimer: Amiga Auckland have prepared the above information for the use of its members based on our experiences and as such is subject to revision at any time. Amiga Auckland cannot guarantee any of the information and cannot be held accountable for any issues that may result from using it.

Copyright 2006 Amiga Auckland Inc. All rights reserved.
Revised: December 24, 2006.