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AmigaOne - Linux - Upgrading to the Later Kernels

A number of people are working on newer versions of the kernel for the AmigaOne, in particular Ken Moffatt until his A1 over- heated and couldn't be resuscitated. His webpage contains a blog of his activities which details where his project is at. Others are utilising Ken's information to do more development.

We have downloaded the 2.6.9-064 kernel and associated modules from Ken's page and tried using it. After initially being unable to unpack the 'tgz' file, we found it had been archived using bzip2 rather than gzip as the name suggested, so after using unbzip2 we were able to untar it and get going. We used a dual boot machine, so we were able to have the modules and img files for both kernels co-existing on the disk, and we specified a new entry in the a1boot.conf file so that we could switch between them.

The first boot seemed to go fine until it came to check the root filesystem, and concluded it hadn't been checked for 36775 days (this was mentioned on Ken's page so it wasn't a surprise - it occurs because of an date error in the 2.4.26 kernel, so fsck took several minutes to check out the filesystem - no errors fortunately. And then a short time afterwards the screen went blank and a warning messages appeared "Out of Range - H 19KHz V 24Hz Max 1280 x 1024". There are no monitors that can run at those frequencies.

Forced to reboot using the old kernel to try and see what went wrong from the various log files. The root filesystem check this time decided it had been 12939 days since the last check, and because the system hadn't shut down cleanly, a few errors were found and corrected. We extracted logs and have began checking them out. However, someone else has reported a similar problem and resolved it by removing the radeon driver from XF86Config-4 configuration file. We have yet to test that, which we'll do in a test environment for now - the only one we have at present doesn't have it's Sil0680 card installed yet due to cable issues.

When time permits we will research the subject further to see who else is working in this area and what progress has been made, and of course 'keep testing'.

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