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AmigaOne - Linux - Upgrading the Linux Kernel

The AmigaOne installation CD for Debian 'Woody' originally supplied with the AmigaOne incorporated the 2.4.19 kernel, and although it was stable initially various issues were soon found. Newer kernels were tried, including 2.4.20, 2.4.21 and 2.4.22, until a reasonable stable kernel was found with 2.4.26.

An updated version of the AmigaOne installation CD was later produced by Ross Vumbaca which incorporated the 2.4.26 kernel, and this is still the latest installation CD available.

If you are still using the 2.4.19 kernel, we strongly recommend that you update to 2.4.26, especially if you are considering updating to 'Sarge', because that requires 2.4.26 or later.

However the 2.4.26 kernel built in 2004 is getting rather old (the current version is at least 2.6.13) and various people have been working on delivering a later version of the kernel for the AmigaOne, to take advantage of some of the recent developments in Debian Linux. Another reason for AmigaOne users, is to overcome some of the issues created when the DMA problem is addressed by a fix to the motherboard.

To assist users wanting to upgrade, we have prepared instructions for updating to 2.4.26, that can be used for later kernels as well. We have also included comments on later kernals currently in development.

Disclaimer: Amiga Auckland have prepared the above information for the use of its members based on our experiences and as such is subject to revision at any time. Amiga Auckland cannot guarantee any of the information and cannot be held accountable for any issues that may result from using it.

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