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AmigaOne - SLB - SLB Menu

When the timer specified for the U-Boot Menu Delay expires, the command set contained in the menuboot_cmd environment variable is executed. If it has been configured for AmigaOS Multiboot, the boota command will be executed, causing the A1 Second Level Booter Menu to be displayed, as shown below:

Basic AmigaOS SLB Menu

By default, it is configured to highlight the normal booting configuration in pink (determined from the boot_config environment variable) and automatically boot from this when the timer expires (the duration of which is set by the boota_timeout environment variable), or you can press the Enter key to terminate the timer and boot the highlighted configuration immediately.

Alternatively, you can use the up/down arrows to select the configuration to be booted before pressing the Enter key. Pressing any other key (except Esc) causes the timer to stop and it will disappear from the screen unless "on" has been specified for the boota_keep_countdown environment variable (the default is "off").

The Esc key can be used to abort the process and causes the program to fail with an error message, as shown below:

Basic AmigaOS SLB Menu failed

Pressing any key will repeat the process described above, but this can only be repeated twice. After that it returns to the U-Boot Console Display. From here you can return to the SLB Menu by typing "boota" and pressing the Enter key, although the repeat option will no longer be available if you press the Esc key.

The configuration options shown in the menu above are dynamically obtained from two files:

  • The AmigaOS configurations are obtained from the "Kicklayout" files in SYS:Kickstart, as explained in Kicklayout and How It Works.
  • If the machine has been setup to dual boot Linux, it also reads a file called "a1boot.config" in the /boot directory on the root filesystem for Linux, as explained in Boot Config.
As a consequence, on a dual boot system, the A1 Second Level Booter Menu will display additional configurations based on what it found, as shown below:

Dual Boot SLB Menu

In this instance the down arrow key has been used to select Linux using the SiI0680 option. Notice that the timer has vanished as discussed previously. You must now press the Enter key in order for the boot process to continue.

Disclaimer: Amiga Auckland have prepared the above information for the use of its members based on our experiences and as such is subject to revision at any time. Amiga Auckland cannot guarantee any of the information and cannot be held accountable for any issues that may result from using it.

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