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AmigaOne - U-Boot Prefs Menus - Memory

Editing Memory Settings

The third parameter "Memory" is used to adjust the settings for the memory modules and run memory tests.

U-Boot Preferences Menu with Integrated Peripherals highlighted

If you press <Enter> a new window showing all of the memory parameters will appear. Highlighting an appropriate value and pressing <Enter> will result in one of the following screens:

Editing Limit Amount of reported memory

U-Boot Preferences Memory Limit Amount

The editing process here is a little odd, but you have a number of options:
  1. With the value highlighted, you can simply use the left and right arrow keys to decrease or increase the value within the value of the memory currently installed.
  2. With the value highlighted, start by pressing <Enter>, then if you press the space bar you can choose from a number of values.
  3. With the value highlighted, start by pressing <Enter>, then you can type any value you like (use the backspace key to delete).
The normal value will depend on how much memory you have installed. For 512MB the limit can be 512, but if 1024MB is installed the limit should be 800 - (memory in graphics card).

Editing Use memory limit

U-Boot Preferences Memory Use Limit Amount

If you press <Enter> a drop-down menu will appear. Use the up/down arrow keys to highlight the appropriate value and press <Enter> to select it.

To return to the U-Boot Preferences Menu press <Esc>.

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