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Updates to the Operating System 

Release 3.5

Eventually released in October 1999, OS 3.5 was developed by Haage & Partner under an agreement with Amiga Inc, and addressed the following:

The submenus of the Workbench were optimized for better handling. It was no longer necessary to use the Shift-Key when moving more than one icon. An "Unselect" was also possible when more than one icon was selected. All Preferences Programs had the new Reaction-surface.

Icon Library:
When selected, the icons "glowed"; when dragging them they became semi-transparent. Via the "Info" option it was possible to set the process priority. Both the current and the New Icons were supported. The AppIcons could also be animated.

The Tool Reactor enabled software-authors to use the new Reaction-surface with their own software. One of the highlights of Reaction was the possibility to have a colour-gradient in the background of a window. Also bugs in the asl.library were removed.

Easy Internet Access:
A web browser (a special version of AWeb) came with Offline/Online support, and the TCP/IP-stack used Miami. It also had Integrated Network support. The E-Mail-API and the simple E-Mail-Client were from the author of Voodoo and New York.

WarpUp had been integrated in it's latest version. An important part was the Preferences settings which complemented the integration.

The installer could be opened on its own screen, and could have a colour-gradient, and a new feature to go back to previous steps during installation.

The printer-support was redesigned completely, so that 24-bit-printing was possible on the Workbench. CyberGraphX and Picasso96 were also supported. There was only one Printer Setting which also had a preview-window showing the changed settings immediately.

These were reworked and improved, and are 24-bit-capable, with new datatypes for AIFF, JPG and GIF. Complete rework of the Amigaguide Datatype. The documentation was in HTML in German and English.

Release 3.9

Released on 9th December 2000, OS 3.9 was developed by Haage & Partner under an agreement with Amiga Inc, and addressed the following:

Multimedia programs: MP3 player, AVI & QT player, new CD player.

Web browser: AWeb 3.4 SE (new version)

GENESIS: Full internet and network access.

AmiDOCK: New program start bar.

WarpOS 5.0: (new version).

Iomega Tools: for Zip and Jazz drives.

New powerful shell: with extensive prefs.

Automatic datatype recognition.

Integrated unpacker: lha, lza, dms, zip etc

Fast Search: search for, and in, files.

New picture datatype: PPC-optimised

Many new tools: ASLPrefs, new Info requester, new watch, font cache, new colour wheel, etc.

Extensive HTML Documentation: in English and German.

Release 3.9 Boing Bag 1 Released on 31st March 2001, and superceded by a version with minor changes on 4th April 2001, Boing Bag 1 added more features to OS 3.9. The most important feature was AsyncWB, which added asynchronous copying and delete functionality to Workbench. In addition, it included the new GenesisPrefs, updated HDToolBox, AMPlifier, ViNCEd, WBRun, UnArc, RAWBInfo, BenchTrash, and some other enhancements. Release 3.9 Boing Bag 2 Released on 20th March 2002, Boing Bag 2 added still more features to OS 3.9. It contained many bug fixes, small enhancements and new features in the areas multimedia (AMPlifier, PlayCD, sound datatype), shell, Workbench (Find, AsyncWB, UnArc, XAD v10), ReAction and harddisk support. The Boing Bag was delivered in three parts: The main archive with all the files needed to update AmigaOS 3.9, the translations into different languages and the contributions (CDDB library, OpenURL, ClassAction). Release 3.9 Boing Bag 3 Boing Bag 3 was loudly requestered by Amiga users, but it never eventuated. However some of the proposals can be found here.

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