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Amiga Memory with AAA Chipset

With the AAA chipset, there are three types of memory found on every Amiga - Kickstart ROM, CHIP RAM and FAST RAM.
  • KICKSTART ROM containing the kernal of the Amiga's Operating System was to have support for many evolving technologies at the time including CDROM support, USB support, SCSI II support etc.

  • CHIP RAM with its shared memory accessible by the microprocessor chip and by the custom chips was to have been increased from the 2MB limit to as much as 16MB, while even that was an arbitary limit.

  • FAST RAM accessible only by the microprocessor chip was to have been limited to 1.7 Gigabytes for those who needed plenty of memory.

All and all a far cry from the original A1000 and at the time considerably more powerful than anything else for the price. These features, combined with faster processes, including possibly the PPC chip, was to lead the way for the future.

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