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AAlogo.jpg (20845 bytes) Brief History of
Amiga Auckland
After Roger Manson withdrew from the club's activities due to ill health, the club was reformed as "Amiga Auckland" in November 1992 with a new constitution and a new direction. An executive committee was elected to run the club, and elected committees were installed in each branch. Over the next year or so the club became an incorporated society and continued to grow until the demise of Commodore worldwide. As the number of Amiga dealers declined following Commodore's collapse, and the subsequent failure of Escom, Viscorp and Gateway to do anything with the Amiga, Amiga Auckland turned its attention to assisting members in the importation of spare parts, software and hardware in bulk from alternative sources exclusively for club members.

In 1996, the New Zealand Commodore Users Group (now known as AKCUG) and South East Amiga were merged with the reformed Amiga Auckland, and we became part of one club once again. Membership numbers are lower than we would like, but new members are still being recruited, and considering that the Amiga has been unavailable in New Zealand for over 10 years, membership is higher than would generally be the case under these circumstances.

Amiga Auckland will continue to provide support for the Amiga in Auckland, and also assist other Amiga clubs around New Zealand to support their members, as we look forward to the rebirth of the Amiga in the coming years.

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