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AAlogo.gif (5442 bytes) Brief History of
NZ Commodore Users Group
The New Zealand Commodore Users' Group was originally formed around 1980, back in the days of the Commodore PET computers, and was one of the first computer clubs to be formed in New Zealand. As Commodore released new computers, each a significant milestone in computer history with machines such as the Vic-20, the C-64, the C-128 and finally the Amiga, the club provided a forum for a large number of enthusiasts from all over New Zealand. Many of the club members today can still trace their links to these early days.

When the Amiga was released, the club found itself with four distinct machine groupings, and the Amiga spawned a new club which called itself Amiga New Zealand. However, NZCUG still provided support for C-64, Amiga and Commodore PC users, and continued until 1996 when it merged with Amiga Auckland.

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