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Amiga Technical References

Amiga Device Driver Names
Thanks to Christian Stich for many of the additions.
California Access Malibu                Malibu.device
Commodore CD                            cd.device
Commodore CDTV/A570                     cdtv.device
Commodore A2091/590/3000                scsi.device
Commodore 1200/4000                     scsi.device
Commodore 4091/DKB                      "2nd.scsi.device"
GURU ROM                                omniscsi.device
GVP 4008/Impact SeriesII A500/2000      gvpscsi.device
GVP 3001 680x0 Combo SCSI               gvpscsi.device
GVP 3001 68030 Combo IDE                gvpat.device
IVS Trumpcard Classic                   IVS_SCSI.device
IVS Trumpcard Professional              IVS_SCSIpro.device
Expansion Systems DataFlyer             ExpSys.device
Expansion Systems SCSI+ or XDS Chassis  ExpXDS.device
AS&S FastLane Z3                        z3scsi.device
Warp Engine                             warpdrive.device
NewTek Flyer                            flyerscsi.device
ICD Advantage 2000                      icddisk.device
ICD AdSCSI                              icdscsi.device
ICD AdIDE                               adide.device
ICD AdIDE2                              icdide.device
DKB RapidFire                           dkbscsi.device
AlfaData/bcs Oktagon SCSI               oktagon.device
Comspec SCSI                            CompspecSCSI.device
Supra Series II/III                     suprascsi.device
MicroBotics Hardframe                   HardFrame.device
MicroBotics A1000 Box                   StarDrive.device

Note: Capitals and quotes are important, as device handlers are case sensitive.

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Revised: June 16, 2005.