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GVP A530 Turbo Information and Jumper Settings

RAM Configuration:
There are 2 SIMM sockets in the GVP A530 Turbo that utilize GVP SIMM32 design. You can use up to two 1 Meg SIMM32's, or two 4 Meg SIMM32's. You cannot mix 1 and 4 Meg SIMM32's together.

FPU Information:
The GVP A530 Turbo has a PGA socket for a 68882 FPU. This can only be a 40MHz rated part since there is no seperate socket for an oscillator. Putting a slower FPU in this socket could result in permanent damage to the FPU and possibly the A530 Turbo.

Hard-Drive Information:
The GVP A530 Turbo has a fully Commodore RDB compliant SCSI interface. There is a 50 pin IDC socket inside as well as room for a 3.5"LP hard-drive. There is also an external DB25F SCSI port for connections of external SCSI devices.

GVP A530 Turbo Jumper Settings:

Jumper  Open                   Closed                 Default
  J1    MMU Enabled *          MMU Disabled           Open
  J2    Turbo Off              Turbo On               Switched
  J3    Cache Enabled          Cache Disabled         Open
  J4    Reserved                                      Closed
  J5    Reserved                                      Open
  J6    Reserved                                      Closed
  J7    Reserved                                      Open
  J8    SCSI ROM               N/A                    Open
  J9    Non-Autoboot           HD Autoboot            Closed
 J10    Reserved                                      Open
 J11    RAM Installed          No RAM Installed       Open
 J12    Reserved                                      Open
 J13    1MB SIMMs Installed    4MB SIMMs Installed    Open

 CN7    Reserved                                      Pins 1 & 2
 CN8    Reserved                                      Pins 2 & 3
 CN11   Reserved                                      Pins 2 & 3
 CN14   Fan Connection
 CN18   Reserved                                      Pins 1 & 2

* The 68EC030 chip used with most A530 Turbo accelerators does not
  have a Memory Management Unit. Instead, GVP provides alternate
  memory mapping technology. If a 68030 with MMU is substituted
  for the 68EC030, this jumper provides a means of disabling that
  chips MMU. This feature may be of interest to software developers
  who require a machine without MMU.

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