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Links - Accessories - Robotics

AHMCT Research Tethered Mobile Router Robot for sealing cracks in the road
Argus Remote Systems ABYSS - undersea deep exploration robot
Intuitive Surgical Zeus - robotic surgical system
Fraunhofer Service Robots for every occasion
General Atomics Aeronatical Systems Unmanned medium altitude surveillance aircraft
Honda ASIMO - 1.2metre high humanoid robot
iRobot Humanitarian search robot used in disaster situations
KaTe System AG SAM - the Sewer Access Module
Karcher RoboVac - a Robot vacuum cleaner
Kongsberg Simrad HUGIN underwater exploration vehicle
Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System
MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab TROODY - the robotic version of a Troodon dinosaur
NASA Cryobot - a cylindrical robot for icy environments
NASA Mars Exploration Rover
NASA Robotic Work Crew - a team of robots designed to work on Mars
NASA Urbie - lightweight exploration robot for urban environments
On Robo Home and Entertainment Robots - News and Reviews
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute DJ I Robot - world's first random-access analogue robotic DJ system
Robots Rule! A site dedicated to robot lovers and their robots.
Sony AIBO - The first proper robot you can take home
Sony SDR - 50cm high humanoid robot
The Robot Store All kinds of robotic creatures and creations
Tyndall Air Force Base AMRADS - Advanced Mobility Research And Development System
University of California, Berkeley Smart Dust - surveillance robot
University of Florida Li'l Golfing Buddy Robots - finds the tee and sets up the ball for you.
University of Maryland Bowerbird -  female robo-bird to study the mating habits of male Bowerbirds
US Department of Energy Sandia National Laboratories make the world's smallest robots
Wow Wee Home of Robosapien and RoboRaptor.

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