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These are becoming one of the computer industry's fastest selling machine types. They can all operate from either battery or mains, with high speed processors producing minimal heat and current consumption in battery mode, often with a second processor for mains mode only. Many of these have DVD drives or even combo DVD and CD Writer, instead of CDROM drive. Their memory is becoming more generous, with good graphics (although this is limited by the resolution of the LCD screen - generally the bigger the better and Active matrix or better. Many opt to lose the floppy drive to save space. Prices have dropped considerably, and the value for money is improving, so sales are expected to increase 100x by 2010.

Acer TravelMate series
Apple PowerBook and iBook series
Asus iBook
Compaq Presario Series
Dell Inspiron Series
Hewlett Packard Pavilion Series
Sony Vaio FX Series
Toshiba Satellite Series


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