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AmigaOne - Peripherals - Catweasel

The Catweasel card MkIV enables the AmigaOne to use the standard Amiga keyboard, utilise Amiga formatted floppy disks, utilise the optional on-card 6581, 6582 and 8580 SID chips, and several other Classic Amiga compatibility features, not all of which are fully supported under AmigaOS 4.0.

These cards cost around NZ$230 (incl GST) and comes with a floppy drive cable with two drive sockets, a 5.25" adapter cable, 2 CDROM connection cables, 2 port plates for use in low-profile cases, and 2 A4 sheets of instructions - 1 in English and 1 in German, and an unlabelled CDROM containing software, picture files, developer files and README text.

While Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and Linux instructions are provided, but when after accessing the README file on the CD you find out that 98 and ME are no longer supported, and that it is time to upgrade. The AmigaOne or AmigaOS 4.0 doesn't get a mention until the 2nd to last paragraph where it says 'it currently supports Amiga OS 4 native PPC-drivers', and refers you to their website for software updates, which again doesn't appear to mention the AmigaOne or AmigaOS 4.0, and there is no software for it on the CD.

Amiga Auckland have received one of these cards but we haven't installed it yet. When we do we will update this page.

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