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2005 - The AmigaOne MicroA1-I

Technical Specifications:
Form Factor mini ITX (170x170)
CPU 750Gx (G3)
CPU speed 800MHz
CPU upgradable No
CPU socket No (soldered onboard)
CPU cooling Passive
FSB 133MHz
Memory slots 1 x SODIMM
Memory type SDRAM
Memory specification Registered 133
Memory maximum 2GB
Memory onboard 256MB
Northbridge Articia 'S' with fix
Southbridge n/a
PCI 33 MHz 0 Slots
PCI 66MHz 1 Slot
Graphics onboard ATI Radeon 7000 32MB
Graphics outputs SVGA, S-Video, Composite
Audio onboard CM!8738 6 channel 5.1 surround
sound with CDROM, front audio
on headers
AGP slots 0
AGP speed n/a
IDE controller Sil0680 ATA133
IDE headers 40 & 44 way
I/O expansion none
Firewire IEEE1394 2 rear panel sockets
Ethernet chip RTL8110 GB/100/10
USB mode 1.1
USB ports 2 back plate+2 headers
PS2 ports Keyboard + mouse
Serial ports 1 x 16650 equiv. on header
Parallel port 1 x EPP/ECP
IRDA port On header
Firmware PPCBoot + OS4 enabler
O/S capability LinuxPPC + OS4

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The 800MHz G3-based AmigaOne MicroA1-I (µa1 -I) has been designed as an industrial motherboard which can operate with little or no attention in a confined space. It is not intended for desktop PC's.

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